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Honey Bee on Aster- 1st Place in 2018 Pennypack Photo Contest

Honey Bee on Aster

I am honored to have one of my photos place 1st in the Annual Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust 2018 Photography contest!

Honey Bee on Aster placed 1st in the Wildlife category, edging out some truly beautiful photos of larger animals. I want to thank the judges for their decision, and the in depth break down of all of the photos in the category. They provided some valuable critiques that I will definitely take into account going forward. For anyone in the Philadelphia region of Pennsylvania, Pennypack Ecological Trust is one of the most photogenic areas I have encountered as far as hiking and outdoor activities goes. Check out their website as they also have a lot of events and guided walks focusing on the rebuilding of the natural landscape and native plant and animal populations as it was before the industrial revolution.

Honey Bee on Aster is part of my Insect gallery. 


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